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“With a rapidly expanding global store network we needed a solution that could also handle International timezones, currencies, language and support. Following a global evaluation process LeaseEagle was selected and since implementation has significantly improved the management and access to information across the business.”

Tina Scott
Group HR & Business Services Manager
Billabong International

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Is the management of a leasehold real estate portfolio important?
For retail businesses occupancy cost is generally the second largest expense after wages, and maintaining secure and tradable premises is critical to business operations.Can we install LeaseEagle® locally?
LeaseEagle® is fundamentally a Cloud Application, delivered via the Internet and accessible via encrypted connection to your laptop, PC or smart phone. For very large businesses an Enterprise Edition can be deployed and operated within a Client IT network, allowing complete systems integration with 3rd party ERP and financial systems. Custom pricing applies when implementing Enterprise Edition.How can LeaseEagle® make us money?
More strategic management of your real estate portfolio will provide occupancy cost savings, legal, audit and compliance cost savings, administration cost and time savings and complete asset security.Can I trial LeaseEagle®?
To arrange a LeaseEagle® online demonstration and trial login contact our sales team.How many users can we have?
The basis for implementing LeaseEagle® is to provide your business teams with instant access to the information they need when they need it, and as such there is no restriction on the number of users allowed.

Can different users have different access to the system?
LeaseEagle® allows an Administrator to vary the level of access and the specific locations that users can access.

How much does LeaseEagle® cost?
As an application service customers simply subscribe monthly to LeaseEagle® on a cost per location basis. For a tailored proposal and business case contact our sales team directly.

How long is the subscription licence?
One of the significant advantages for business is the flexibility of monthly, annual or three year licence periods.

How do we get the data into the system?
A series of standardised Data Upload Templates means customers can instantly upload their existing MS Excel spreadsheet files into their LeaseEagle® database.

What if my current Excel data is not reliable?
Having accurate information on your business is critical. The LeaseEagle® Data Services team can undertake an information audit on your portfolio to ensure that when the system goes live, you can know that the information being delivered is accurate.

How long does it take to get LeaseEagle® up and running?
Customers with a high degree of data integrity can be go live with data loaded in less than 7 days.

Can we customise any data fields to suit our business?
Whilst most data fields are standardised LeaseEagle® does allow for some customised categorisation and also the addition of specific fields.

Is LeaseEagle® secure?
As a global provider of application services Synetek’s core business includes ensuring the security of hardware, software and data. Our data centres are world standard and far superior to most customer environments.

Who can access our information?
LeaseEagle® is your dedicated cloud application and database and can only be accessed using the multiple authentication levels incorporated into each Customer Account. Creating, editing and deleting of data and documents in the system is restricted to a limited number of authorised client and retail employees.

Can we undertake Portfolio Reporting?
LeaseEagle® enables complete or customised portfolio reporting to be performed within seconds.

Are discounts available?
For large Customers and three year subscription licences negotiated discounts will apply.

How often is the Shopping Centre Database updated?
Shopping centre performance information is updated annually, while contact information is updated three times per year.

Where is LeaseEagle® Available?
As a cloud application LeaseEagle® is available globally both directly and through our network of Partners. LeaseEagle® supports all global timezones and more than 25 specific countries for currency, nomenclature and terminology. Multiple language versions are currently available through a deployment project at an additional cost.

What IT resources will it take from our side?
As a Cloud application LeaseEagle® is fully deployed via the Internet and required virtually ZERO input or support from your IT team. In the situation where your IT team project manages the evaluation, pilot, implementation and/or support of LeaseEagle our engineering and support teams will be fully qualified and available to ‘talk tech’ and address any specific questions or concerns.