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“With a rapidly expanding global store network we needed a solution that could also handle International timezones, currencies, language and support. Following a global evaluation process LeaseEagle was selected and since implementation has significantly improved the management and access to information across the business.”

Tina Scott
Group HR & Business Services Manager
Billabong International

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What do Professional Services include?
Like all information management system LeaseEagle® does rely on data and documents being uploaded to and managed through the system, to be kept up to date. To assist Customers with the initial migration of data into the system and if required the ongoing management of the data, the LeaseEagle® Professional Services team can be engaged on a contract basis. Their services can include, document scanning, abstraction, data entry, lease auditing, training right through to lease administration and management. For more information click through to the Implementation page.Are Professional Services an optional extra?
Absolutely. With training and support your team can fully deploy portfolio data into LeaseEagle® without the need to engage LeaseEagle Professional Services. We also provide the ability to import documents and forms so that your business can choose to use Excel/CSV to migrate data or re-abstract lease documents.How do we get the data into the system?
A series of standardised Data Upload Templates means customers can instantly upload their existing MS Excel spreadsheet files into their LeaseEagle® database.What if my current Excel data is not reliable?
Having accurate information on your business is critical. The LeaseEagle® Data Services team can undertake an information audit on your portfolio to ensure that the system goes live you can know that the information being delivered is accurate.

How much does it cost to engage LeaseEagle® Professional Services?
The nature of these services means that costs are generally negotiated on either an hourly or fee for service basis with each Customer. For a tailored proposal and business case contact our sales team directly.

Does LeaseEagle® need to be customised for us?
Although a Cloud based solution LeaseEagle® has been developed with a high degree of System and Customer configuration, resulting generally in the need for little or no Customisation from retail and commercial tenants.

Can LeaseEagle® be customised for us? Although not required to fully operate LeaseEagle® it is not uncommon for Customers to want to extend the time and cost saving benefits they receive through using the application into other areas of their business. Should additional functionality or modules be required existing Customers can access Synetek’s Product Co-development Program (PCP), commonly saving tens of thousands of dollars in project costs to deliver fully integrated features for LeaseEagle®.