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The Solution
Features List
LeaseEagle® will provide access to an enterprise level Lease Management System with the latest technology and dedicated functionality for retailers and multi-site businesses. Here are just some of the features your business and staff will enjoy with the LeaseEagle® system:

Store Information Store Information
Have on-demand access to your key store information across your entire store portfolio including Leases, Franchises, Properties and Contacts.
Portfolio Reporting Portfolio Reporting
Undertake store performance and benchmark analysis across your entire store portfolio to help minimise occupancy costs and to strategically manage lease and franchise agreements.
Critical Date Alerts Critical Date Alerts
Receive customised email notifications of critical upcoming dates in your Lease and Franchise Agreements.
Document Bank Document Bank
Securely register and access key business documents for your store portfolio and corporate operations via the easy to use e-storage interface.
Custom changes Custom Charges
Accurately manage financial charge information relating to shops, offices, warehouses, leases and franchises across your leasehold tenancy portfolio, including exports for the Finance department.
Charge reporting Charge Reporting
With a complete upgrade of the reporting capabilities of the system Users can now undertake detailed financial reporting for any location and for any date range, including budgeting.
Contacts Management Contacts Management
Manage all of your company’s internal and external contacts in a single centralised database, allowing any staff member to securely access details, anywhere, anytime.
Communications Log Communications Log
Professionally manage key internal and external communications through the secure and centralised recording of transmissions within each store’s database file.
Reminder Notifications Reminder Notifications
Create future notifications for store events, communications and My Notes across your business to ensure operatives are up to date and informed.
My Notes My Notes
The on-demand recording and management of collated market intelligence for Shopping Centres and Private Properties.
POS Integration Automated Data Uploads
Benefit from the ability to generate automated data uploads between your POS system, finance system or existing MS® Excel spreadsheets and LeaseEagle®.
Connectivity Connectivity
Unlike traditional software LeaseEagle® is a cloud-based application providing total business connectivity anytime, from home, office or on the road – including iPhone and Android.
Usability Usability
With a unique Web 2.0 user interface the management of your database information and the analysis of your portfolio’s performance is as easy as surfing the net!
Market Intelligence Market Intelligence
Included is FREE access to the International Shopping Centre Database™, providing up-to-date information on location, key contacts, statistical, trading performance and demographic information for more than 500 properties worldwide.
Security Security
Through our private database framework and a multilevel data redundancy protocol, your data and documents are securely protected and safely backed up if recovery is required.
Agreement Lifecycle Agreement Lifecycle Management
Manage Licences, Franchise and Lease agreements throughout their lifecycle with automated administrative tools for Holdover, Assignment, Renewal, Options, Sub-leasing, Extensions and Terminations.
Data Fields Customizable Data Fields
In addition to standard information fields LeaseEagle also provides up to 100 Custom Fields and control of data select lists across the application to ensure the solution meets all of your business requirements.
LE Projects LEProjects (Optional)
Available as an option module to the core service LEProjects provides Customers with Task & Program Management, Customizable Project Templates, User Collaboration Tools and Automated Project Alerts.
Landlord Sales Reporting Landlord Sales Reporting
Reporting monthly sales to all Landlords can be one of the most time consuming and stressful tasks for real estate or finance but LeaseEagle allows you to email your monthly sales to all Landlords with a single click.
Dashboard Live Portfolio Dashboard
Customizable for each User the Dashboard provides expiry and review watch lists, deliver critical date alerts, provide interactive portfolio and performance charts as well as module notifications and industry news.
Interactive Charting Interactive Charting
Through the integration of Sencha and JasperReports LeaseEagle provides interactive charting tools across the portfolio and for each Store, enabling powerful intelligence and performance analysis.
Intergrated bing maps Integrated bing® Maps
Through the integration of Microsoft’s bing mapping tool set Customers can search for Stores and Properties geographically and even plot their selected geocoded network plan on screen.
LEFInancials LEFinancials (Optional)
Available as an optional application module LEFinancials provides invoice processing, live accruals management, charge forecasting, cost centre management and billing tools for sub-tenants.
Auto CPI Updates Auto CPI Updates
Monitoring CPI data to reconcile rent adjustments is a significant challenge for most businesses but LeaseEagle provides this data live upon each release by Government agencies. (Limited Regions)
ERP Finance Integration ERP Finance Integration
As an extension of the LEFinancials module LeaseEagle can be interfaced with major ERP and Accounting software programs to provide greater compliance around invoice approvals and payments.
FASB and IFRS Compliance FASB and IFRS Compliance
Existing ‘straight-line’ rental calculations along with future ‘capital lease’ calculations are automated through LeaseEagle, with store-by-store and consolidated comparative reporting also available.
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