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Lease Abstracting Australia, US, Canada

Lease Abstraction

The pre-sales and support team will help to make implementation of the LeaseEagle® system easy and without delay. For each customer we will work with your in-house team to develop a formal Implementation Plan to outline the scope of the project, each party’s responsibilities and the timing of the deployment from account activation through to going “live”. Implementation of LeaseEagle® should include the following steps:

Business Analysis

Through discussions with key stakeholders, Synetek Systems will evaluate any specific functional and/or security requirements and tailor an implementation plan to ensure the needs of [Client Name] are met.

Document Conversion

To fully benefit from the LeaseEagle Document Bank functionality customers must convert their existing paper documents into electronic format through either and in-house or third-party provider, with optional OCR. Once completed and imported into LeaseEagle there is live viewing, archival and recovery through the application.

Account Setup & Training

Includes the establishment of the client, business and administrator user accounts, private sub-domain registration, Administrator and User training and initial upload of store portfolio details from MS® Excel or equivalent .csv file format. Whilst training requirements will vary depending upon the Customer’s requirements a total of two days is generally anticipated.

Data Abstraction and Database Setup

Customers throughout Australia and New Zealand can engage LeaseEagle® Data Services to assist with the data abstraction and database setup. Experienced retail lease managers will manage document collation, lease abstraction and data entry to ensure your database is set up accurately and efficiently. In Canada and the United States, we will engage the highly reputable group Lease Admin Solutions team to assist with the delivery of your data services requirements.

Point of Sale Integration

The monthly upload of sales data from the business’ Point of Sale (POS) system is critical to achieving full value from the LeaseEagle® system. If requested, Synetek Systems will consult with your POS provider or IT department and develop a custom software adaptor to automate this process.

Business Protocol Development

To ensure the smooth transition of LeaseEagle® into the business and its successful ongoing operation Synetek is also able to consult directly with the customer’s key stakeholders to assist in the development of customised business protocols and processes.

Customisation & Integration

If required, customers are able to engage Synetek Systems Development Team to undertake customisation of the system or integration with existing IT platforms.

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Lease Abstraction Australia, US, Canada
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