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The Solution

Lease Management Software Australia, US, Canada

Lease Management Software

LeaseEagle® has been developed using the latest cloud technology and infrastructure to provide a robust, scalable and highly available application service.

LeaseEagle® requires NO HARDWARE and NO SOFTWARE other than a PC, web browser and access to the Internet. For best results Synetek Systems recommends the operation of LeaseEagle® through the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser application (IE8,9,10), Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

LeaseEagle® also supports mobile device operating systems such as iPhone 3 and 4, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile through the provisions of dedicated browsers that provide real time information anywhere, anytime.

As a web-based and on-demand application service the performance of LeaseEagle® will rely upon the speed of your internet connection. For ideal results Synetek Systems recommends a high-speed broadband or wireless Internet connection.










Lease Management Software Australia, US, Canada Internet Explorer Firefox iPhone Android

LeaseEagle Supported Internet Browsers

Unique elements of the Synetek Technology Platform include:


A proprietary software tool that manages and identifies unique records within very large data sets ensuring that the search for information or documentation within the LeaseEagle® system is fast and accurate.


A unique publishing tool that allows the customised or automated synchronisation of data across multiple concurrent separated databases which eliminates the risk of cross-pollination of data and reduces ongoing database maintenance requirements.


Customisable reporting engine that flattens hierarchical data structures, allowing users to select database fields in an ad-hoc fashion and achieve query results within seconds across very large data sets.