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Commercial Property Management Software Australia, US, Canada

Commercial Property Management Software

Business Advantages with LeaseEagle®

Mitigating the risk of losing leasehold tenure

Failure to execute an option correctly can significantly impact a retail business, through the loss of income and profit, if not forever then for a substantial period. Even if the site is not lost, the retailers negotiation position is significantly weakened and will almost certainly negatively impact upon the level of rental paid upon renewal.

Faster and more accurate due diligence, site assessment and deal analysis

Being more objective in decision making reduces the risk of selecting poor performing stores. Being able to develop consistency in assessing prospective sites and lease terms will assist the business to make more intelligent decisions and be able to act more rapidly with greater comfort in a highly competitive market.

Faster and More Accurate Invoice Processing

The processing and payment of invoices for one of the largest expenses in a retail business is a significant business risk and administrative process. LEFinancials provides a faster and more accurate process achieved without the need for double data entry, ensuring your business saves time and money.

Strategic business intelligence reporting on the store portfolio

Proactive and accurate management of the store portfolio performance will improve overall profit contributions. The ability to instantly make strategic assessments of store performance allows
users to be more proactive and more intelligent in their decision making.

Enhanced shopping centre market intelligence

A better understanding of the performance of shopping centres, and how it compares to store performance is crucial in assessing future viability and affordability, helping to ensure the overall strength of the store portfolio.

Better levels of corporate governance

Having a reliable and secure technology platform that ensures the preservation of data and documents, automates business processes and helps to mitigate commercial and legal risks is good corporate governance.

Compliance with the Franchise Code of Conduct

The FCC places strict requirements on Franchisors and their disclosure requirements prior to, during and upon an assignment of a Franchise. Proving that the site selection process is objective and consistent, and rapidly and accurately performing legal and administrative compliance tasks is simple with the LeaseEagle® system.

Business continuity for the real estate, finance and franchise divisions

The implementation of a secure centralised fully managed database ensures that the business is less affected by disruptions in staffing, management, franchisees, landlords and other key stakeholders.

“LeaseEagle saves us so much time and helps reduce occupancy costs. It’s so easy to use, I just love it!”

“LeaseEagle provides me with a centralised view of our retail network, with the business intelligence and reporting we

“After reviewing the market we came to the opinion that LeaseEagle provides the most comprehensive solution for
our business.”

“It used to be a two-week task to forecast our lease commitments for audit, now it takes five minutes.”

“With major store growth planned over the next 3-5 years, LeaseEagle will assist by allowing us to better analyse mall performance, centrally manage portfolio intelligence and access
key information.”